Volker Strifler Band - An International Band


(Chip) Roland Condon: organ, piano

Growing up and learning music in 1960's Athens, Georgia, Chip brought his southern rock, funk, Cajun and cowboy soul to the Northern California music frontier in 1990. The most accomplished member of Faraway Brothers, Chip first gained national prominence in the southern rock band Cowboy signed by the Capricorn label in 1975. He then went on to do road work with Cajun fiddler Doug Kershaw before settling in the SF Bay Area, where he spent years with the popular band Zero. Aside from playing live music, he is also a much sought after session player in many SF Bay Area studios. Roland's Hammond organ sound and soulful approach has garnered him devoted fans for years.

Band line-up and bios:

Volker Strifler: Guitar and Vocals
Gary Silva: Drums
Don Bassey: Bass
David Schrader: Saxophones
Carl Bowers: Trombone
(Chip) Roland Condon: Organ and Piano
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