Volker Strifler Band - An International Band


Volker Strifler: songwriter, vocalist, guitar player, producer

Volker was born in Heidelberg Germany and started playing guitar at the age of 17. As all young German musicians did at the time, he performed in local Bands primarily in American Army and Air force Clubs all over Germany as well as local venues. Meeting an American Blues Singer by the name of Lee Reed, who introduced him to the Blues, was to be a life-changing event.

Volker voraciously dove into record stores, discovering the hard to find music that moved him the most. He spent the next years learning and listening to everyone from Howling Wolf, T-Bone Walker to BB King, Eric Clapton and Peter Green. He moved to the United States while in his early twenties wanting to get closer to the blues roots and to learn from the multitude of talented blues performers that could be found from coast to coast. His musical explorations included jazz players and blues artists alike, both styles greatly influencing his own playing. Over the next years, while playing in local San Francisco Bay Area bands, he developed a unique style blending his musical experiences into the consummate guitar player he is today.

In 1995 Patrick Ford, founder of Blue Rock'It Records and leader of the Ford Blues Band, asked Volker to join the band. Volker took a position once held by Robben Ford, Garth Webber, and Scotty Johnson. He toured with the band to Europe and the US, performing at some of the larger European blues festivals including the Notodden Festival in Norway, The Ecaussine Blues Festival in Belgium, as well the San Francisco and Santa Cruz Blues Festivals in the United States. Eventually becoming the lead personality helping to shape the Ford Blues Band sound and music, Volker was asked to tour with Robben Ford, one of his most respected contemporaries, through the US. Once more Volker took the chance to prove himself and garnered praise from audiences and reviewers as well as Robben - "Volker is a wonderful songwriter in the blues genre, which is an important to keeping the blues vital."

Always true to his blues roots, Volker is not merely satisfied with interpreting and copying his idols. To him, reaching out and finding new interpretations of this vital music is as important as respecting long standing traditions.

His solo CDs, The Volker Strifler Band, released in 2002, and The Dance Goes On, released in 2006, have received critical acclaim from press, musical peers, and fans around the world. Today it's clear that Volker Strifler is a unique musician in his own right. He has synthesized many years of American music study and the lessons learned as a respected longtime sideman to Robben, Patrick, and Mark Ford, Lowell Fulson, Chris Cain and others into his own unique musical style and sound.

Band line-up and bios:

Volker Strifler: Guitar and Vocals
Gary Silva: Drums
Don Bassey: Bass
David Schrader: Saxophones
Carl Bowers: Trombone
(Chip) Roland Condon: Organ and Piano
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